Make a Splash with a New Backsplash

Posted by Homes 4 Sale Calgary on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 1:07pm.

Calgary REALTOR®If you're selling your home in Calgary, you know how important it is to make a splash. With so many homes on the market, your REALTOR® has probably already told you that your home needs to be the best in its price range to appeal to buyers and make a big impression. Maybe s/he has suggested some changes you need to make, or some minor fix-ups you need to do before you list your home. One thing is for sure, your Calgary REALTOR® has definitely paid attention to the condition of your kitchen and bathroom(s), as they are generally the spaces on which most buyers base their opinions of the house.

Backsplashes can be an important part of any kitchen or bathroom design. When most homeowners think of updating the backsplash, they usually go straight to tile. But if you're just fixing your home up for sale, you may not want to go to the expense and trouble of installing a new tile backsplash. There are many cheap alternatives that are also attractive and unique, most of which you can even install yourself. One option is very simple: high gloss paint. A cheap unfussy washable paint can open up the space and direct the eye to the more important parts of the kitchen or bathroom, like windows, fixtures, and display pieces. You could even get creative with subtle stripes, but please leave stencils in the kids' rooms, where they belong. Add a wainscoting to cap off your masterpiece or do the whole wall.

Vinyl wallpaper, although blacklisted for many years in design circles, has made its comeback and is here to stay. You can use this versatile material as a tough alternative to expensive backsplash options. Since the material is designed to be hung in bathrooms, a few spatters of sauce or water from the sink won't harm it at all. If you're wallpapering your bathroom, make sure it is well-ventilated so that moisture and condensation do not build up on the wallpaper. Cost is definitely not an issue for this project. Even if you choose a pricy wallpaper, one roll of the fanciest stuff you can find will likely be under $85, and usually that's all you'll need for an average-sized kitchen backsplash. Mileage in bathrooms vary, so keep cost in mind for that application. Wallpaper is a lot easier to remove than tile, another fact which will appeal to buyers.

Some tips: don't forget about the colours and textures in the rest of your kitchen or bathroom. It's easy to get carried away with the details of a small job, so make sure you step back to make sure what you're choosing for the backsplash makes sense with the rest of your decor. Always keep food safety and ease-of-use at the forefront of your design. If your backsplash looks like it would be a nightmare to clean, go back to the drawing board. Whether you're choosing wallpaper or another kind of wall covering, ensure that the print or design is not too masculine or feminine and the colours are fairly neutral. Remember to draw out every part of your plan to make sure it works, then measure, measure again, cut, install, and enjoy!

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Affan wrote: I like metal (like stainless or a bsurhed aluminum) or the glossy tile look as long as the tile has no pattern and isn't contrasting colors i like some the the rolled up 1.5 x 1.5 tile mounted on woven sheets that can be used in kitchens usually about 16-18 tall, 7-8 long usually has a monocromatic theme of slightly off blues (sometimes reds, but not intermixed), or greens or sweet mixed earthtones mixed with light grays and/or whites always a classy, waterproof backsplash once installed. the only option i hate to see in houses is linoleum as a backsplash, especially if it matches the linoleum on the floor, or painted wall every kitchen i have seen with these options usually has some sort of water damage upon inspection because even the best linoleum if not 100% sealed to the wall will warp and wave and only super glossy interior/exterior paint with a high oil content is waterproof , other paints are just water-resistant just my ideas.

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 6:32am.

Marta Raczkowska wrote: Hi Affan- Those are some great suggestions, I like the brushed Aluminum as well as the Mosaic back splashes ETC!

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 11:30am.

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