Green Up Your Driveway

Posted by Homes 4 Sale Calgary on Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 4:08pm.

Boring Concrete Driveway

So your driveway's boring. Maybe it's asphalt, maybe it's concrete. Perhaps it's cracking and ugly and it has weeds growing through it. Maybe it's none of these, but it is still a flat hard surface that brings down your home's curb appeal and you've had enough! Well, that's good because a new trend in landscaping has got plenty of ideas for you. With emphasis in landscaping shifting more toward sustainable and low-maintenance design, more and more homeowners are disovering the many fantastic side effects of switching from a solid-surface driveway to a combined soft/hard surface. Not only is this option more aesthetically pleasing, mitigate the sheets of ice that sometimes form on solid-surface driveways, and purify ground water. In a large-scale context, it also helps prevent flooding and erosion, and contributes to a higher water table.

The most popular forms of these kinds of driveways lately have been made out of concrete pavers with cut-outs or holes, sometimes known as turfstone. These allow for grass or other plants to grow while still providing a stable base for cars. Other options include installing two lines of concrete, brick, or other hard material, per set of car wheels. The negative space between these lines is planted with low-growing plants, which offer beauty as well as a natural filtration system, should a small amount of oil leak from the car. This is preferable to washing motor oil off the conventional driveway and into a storm drain.

Before you go nuts with incredible plantings and design ideas, there are a few things to consider. The first is, of course, whether you have a community association and, if so, whether or not they'll allow you to change your driveway in such an extreme way. The second consideration is whether or not there are city utilities in your driveway. Access to some utilities can be built into this part of the property, so it is very important that you check with the correct municipal body that you're not violating codes or by-laws by "renovating" your driveway. When you've got the go-ahead from all the right people, let your mind run wild and enjoy a beautiful low-maintenance driveway that will catch the eye of anyone lucky enough to see your home before it's sold!

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Lalit wrote: If you live in a state that licenses cociurtntson trades you will have some leverage there. In your search line type your state abbreviation and " State Contractors Board" to see. The other option would be to have him run a line of brick pavers down each side that would make a nice finish line but will cost him more than $302.50. but so would adding that one foot section in concrete. But this isn't about his comfort you wanted a certain area covered and he contracted to do it. You can also call a law office and get some free advice from the assistant who answers the phones (unless that is just a receptionist who has never typed any legal docs.) or from an attorney as a good will gesture. You can also take these types of issues to your Small Claims Court. You will need an estimate on getting the one foot section paved then make the demand for that amount to be refunded or the concrete installed by the original contractor.

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Marta Raczkowska wrote: That is a really good suggestion thank you, I will be sure to look into that Asap

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