Building is Back in the Beltline

Posted by Homes 4 Sale Calgary on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 4:16pm.

It has been in the news over and over: business is booming in Calgary. If the new building projects taking place in the downtown are any indication, that's no lie! Demand for Downtown living has risen exponentially recently, creating a huge need for new residential real estate. The Beltline is a prime candidate for building projects because of its nearness to Downtown, the Stampede grounds and 17th Avenue, its interesting historical buildings, great walkability/cycling facilitated by the Bow River Pathway system, and access to many other nearby recreational areas. Two exciting new developments in Mission and Victoria Park are making waves after so many Calgary real estate developments were put on pause during the recent slump. These are the Tribeca and Guardian, respectively.Calgary Condos Under Construction

Located in the heart of Calgary's Mission neighbourhood, Tribeca is made up of 82 thoughtfully designed residences with a range of sizes to suit any lifestyle, from the standard 1/1 option up to three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Each dwelling has its own private outdoor space, as well as access to underground parking, storage lockers, and bicycle lock-ups, all heated for comfort and convenience. Tribeca's townhouse-style condos blend seamlessly into the historic Mission streetscape, providing residents with excellent quality of living close to all the restaurants, shops, and amenities they love.

The Guardian is a new Victoria Park condo tower that will, once completed, have the honour of being Alberta's tallest residential condo tower. At 42 storeys, the unique design of the Guardian will offer the urban lifestyle at a great range of prices for Calgarians flocking to the city's core. Residents will enjoy fabulous views of the city and incredible walkability to all of Calgary's best attractions. Origincally the site of the Arriva project, the Guardian benefits from the head start in construction provided by the previous project's excavation. The development will consist of two towers of the same height, the first phase of which is projected to be completed in mid-2014. Sales of these condos, totalling 640 units, begins soon.

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Damian wrote: Well, my wife and I sold our Kitsilano townhouse last night. Sold over aknisg after 5 days on the market. We had 3 offers, all over aknisg, all with no subjects. We just set the record in my building (in terms of price-per-square-foot).Our place was spotless, completely de-cluttered, new paint and new carpets, and the aknisg price was sharp. It generated lots of interest from realtors. One potential buyer hired an inspector to check out the building even before placing an offer. The other offers never inspected. The eventual buyer hasn't even set foot in the building.Two units remain for sale in the building-- they've been up for sale for over a month and a half now. There has been interest in them, and they're not extravagantly-priced (perhaps a little high, but not by much), but they're a bit bigger than my unit, so their total price is higher. Perhaps the extra $10K-$20K is just enough that buyers aren't able to make an offer on them.Well, I'm sitting pretty here-- just two months till closing, and there'll be $260K sitting in the bank.

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Marta Raczkowska wrote: Hi Damian- Kitsilano is a really nice area I have been out there a few times. If you guys are thinking to move to Calgary and there is anything I can do to help please contact me any time with any questions, 403-667-7220 or

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