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In hot real estate markets (or any market, really) we're always tackling the same old debate: "You're throwing your money away on rent!" vs. "You're throwing your money away on interest!". In all actuality, the question of renting versus buying is a lot more complicated than it is often made out to be. Following are some pros and cons to both, and a little advice on how to sort out the truth for yourself.

Renting pro: no maintenance required. Is your bathroom sink leaking? Is your furnace no longer providing you with heat? With a law-abiding landlord, these problems are just a phone call away and require no expense on your part. As a homeowner, however, you must come up with the cash for these inevitable fixes yourself. You should also be budgeting for

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Calgary is such a great place for families to live. There are always so many things to do year-round, but in February, the City of Calgary puts extra effort into making sure there's something fun for everyone to enjoy. So much is going on, in fact, that you could enjoy exciting family activities every day of the month!

Most of us, of course, probably don't have the time or energy for a different event every day. But if you're looking for some unique ways to spend your time, it's easy to find new things to enjoy your family and and our city, with a variety of activities on offer for kids of all ages.

Here's what you can do in February to celebrate Family Month:

  • Every Wednesday night, from 6-8 pm in February, enjoy special family activities and a 30%
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A Calgary luxury home was recently sold for five million dollars. That might seem like a pretty penny, but let's consider the prices of luxury real estate around North America. Dallas Texas, for example, often has eight-figure prices topping out its high-end range and Denver CO has seen homes sell up to $12,075,500 USD in the past year, despite the significant decreases in American real estate values.

Across the country, high-end real estate prices eclipse those of Calgary every day. Our great city is conspicuously absent from a recent list of the top ten most expensive homes in the country. In fact, there are no properties from any province outside of BC, Quebec, and Ontario. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Lucky Calgary real estate

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Calgary Real Estate BuyersAlberta, the province of plenty, is forecast to keep on increasing its rate of housing starts, despite predictions for a national decline. Experts from Altus Group are seeing a leveling-out in the Canadian real estate scene, due to a very impressive performance. Housing starts, uniform pricing, and good markets for resale indicate that the economy, as a whole, is doing quite well, compared to the ailing US market. Now it's looking as though this stellar performance can only go on so long before we experience a bit of a correction.

Reasons for the increase in Alberta starts include several factors. One is that many residents of BC and Ontario are flocking to prosperous Alberta, seeking jobs and lower costs of living. Calgary, in particular, is popular

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