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calgary houseSummer isn't the easiest month to sell a home but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Following the summer-inspired tips in this post can help ensure that your property is off the market in no time. Let's assume you already know the basics about de-cluttering and cleanliness and skip straight to the summer specifics.

The most important factor in selling a home in the summer is capturing the feel of summer. Summer is all about a stress-free, bright, happy lifestyle and that's exactly what buyers want to see in the homes they view.

Your first chance to make a fabulous impression is your lush, vibrant, healthy lawn. Make sure you are watering your lawn regularly and plan ahead based on any water restrictions in effect, to save yourself a $200-$500 fine.

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Boring Concrete Driveway

So your driveway's boring. Maybe it's asphalt, maybe it's concrete. Perhaps it's cracking and ugly and it has weeds growing through it. Maybe it's none of these, but it is still a flat hard surface that brings down your home's curb appeal and you've had enough! Well, that's good because a new trend in landscaping has got plenty of ideas for you. With emphasis in landscaping shifting more toward sustainable and low-maintenance design, more and more homeowners are disovering the many fantastic side effects of switching from a solid-surface driveway to a combined soft/hard surface. Not only is this option more aesthetically pleasing, mitigate the sheets of ice that sometimes form on solid-surface driveways, and purify ground water. In a large-scale

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Calgary REALTOR®If you're selling your home in Calgary, you know how important it is to make a splash. With so many homes on the market, your REALTOR® has probably already told you that your home needs to be the best in its price range to appeal to buyers and make a big impression. Maybe s/he has suggested some changes you need to make, or some minor fix-ups you need to do before you list your home. One thing is for sure, your Calgary REALTOR® has definitely paid attention to the condition of your kitchen and bathroom(s), as they are generally the spaces on which most buyers base their opinions of the house.

Backsplashes can be an important part of any kitchen or bathroom design. When most homeowners think of updating the backsplash, they usually go straight to tile.

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Auburn Bay, situated just off Deerfoot Trail and east of Seton Blvd., has become one of Calgary's sizzling new southeast lake communities. This great SE Calgary Carma neighborhood has a "live, work and play" lifestyle with something for everyone in all price ranges.

Auburn Bay's property types are very diverse. Starter homes, move up homes and estate-quality waterfront homes are all available in this fantastic community. Here you will find an abundance of well-constructed homes by quality Calgary builders such as Brookfield homes, Stepper Homes, Albi Homes, Baywest Homes and Morrison Homes to name a few.

The area offers amazing value for buyers. The beautiful fresh water lake and related amenities allow Auburn Bay to rival neighboring south east

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The weather may be less than delightful, but calgarians can still plan for spring weather when it eventually comes! As the temperatures warm up and the chances of frost and snow are less likely, many homeowners will be itching to get into their yards. Some look at spring cleaning as a dreaded task, but others welcome the opportunity to get their yards in shape, clean up the winter wear, and add some life to the exterior of their home. Read on for a few useful tips on getting the ball rolling on spring cleaning.

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, you'll want to ensure that your yard is in tip-top condition as this is the first place that a potential homebuyer will see, and that first impression may be the difference between a

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Spring time is upon us (despite the fact that Calgary is currently under a blanket of snow) and Easter weekend is here. If you're putting your home on the market, or it already is, you may be wondering if you should be decorating for the Easter Bunny's arrival. "How much should I decorate?" "What kind of seasonal decor is appropriate?" "If my house is on the market for a long time, should I put up decorations for every holiday?" Read on to find out the answers to these questions, for successful home staging through all seasons of the year.

There are several concerns to keep in mind while staging your home during a holiday. The first is religion. If the holiday you celebrate is tied to a religion, no matter how distant, it can be a touchy subject for

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So you've just bought your first house and you can't wait to get out in the yard and make it your own. If you were previously renting or living with your parents, it's pretty likely you don't have any garden tools to speak of and, if you do, they might not be ones you really need. Below you'll find a list of five essential tools, to help you keep within your modest budget as a new homeowner while still having what you need to keep your yard and garden looking as fresh as it did the day you bought your house.

  1. Lawnmower. This is pretty self explanatory. If you let your lawn become overgrown and ugly, your neighbours will rue the day the previous owners of your home moved. Whether your mower is a manual push mower or of the gas/electric variety, you'll
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Law, academia, government, and, yes, real estate are all areas that have their share of vague jargon. The real estate world, especially, can be a maze of confusing words, each one leading to a confusing definition replete with even more mumbo jumbo than those of us on the "inside" care to admit. Below you'll find definitions for some common, yet confusing, terms that will hopefully help you navigate your next real estate deal with ease.

  1. Easement. An easement is an agreement stating a certain right to access or use the property of another for a specific reason. There are many different kinds of easements, from public to private, and can be implied or express. Some problems can arise in situations where, for example, there are two lots sharing a
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It has been in the news over and over: business is booming in Calgary. If the new building projects taking place in the downtown are any indication, that's no lie! Demand for Downtown living has risen exponentially recently, creating a huge need for new residential real estate. The Beltline is a prime candidate for building projects because of its nearness to Downtown, the Stampede grounds and 17th Avenue, its interesting historical buildings, great walkability/cycling facilitated by the Bow River Pathway system, and access to many other nearby recreational areas. Two exciting new developments in Mission and Victoria Park are making waves after so many Calgary real estate developments were put on pause during the recent slump. These are the Tribeca and

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During the winter, with an abundance of snow and ice sloshing around on the streets, and limited sunlight during the days, the last thing most people think about is fruit trees. But, for gardeners, winter is the best time to curl up with a few catalogs and let the imagination run wild. Spend some time learning about the different varieties and think about what your yard can offer a fruit tree. By the time May comes along, you'll know just what kind of tree you want and the best place to plant it in your yard.

Calgary Fruit TreesTrends seem to be swinging towards planting fruit trees in back yards. It seems that, like the 1960s and 1970s, more people want to get something in return for tedious, tiresome yardwork. Gone are the days where homeowners either wanted a low- to

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