June 2012

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calgary houseSummer isn't the easiest month to sell a home but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Following the summer-inspired tips in this post can help ensure that your property is off the market in no time. Let's assume you already know the basics about de-cluttering and cleanliness and skip straight to the summer specifics.

The most important factor in selling a home in the summer is capturing the feel of summer. Summer is all about a stress-free, bright, happy lifestyle and that's exactly what buyers want to see in the homes they view.

Your first chance to make a fabulous impression is your lush, vibrant, healthy lawn. Make sure you are watering your lawn regularly and plan ahead based on any water restrictions in effect, to save yourself a $200-$500 fine.

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Boring Concrete Driveway

So your driveway's boring. Maybe it's asphalt, maybe it's concrete. Perhaps it's cracking and ugly and it has weeds growing through it. Maybe it's none of these, but it is still a flat hard surface that brings down your home's curb appeal and you've had enough! Well, that's good because a new trend in landscaping has got plenty of ideas for you. With emphasis in landscaping shifting more toward sustainable and low-maintenance design, more and more homeowners are disovering the many fantastic side effects of switching from a solid-surface driveway to a combined soft/hard surface. Not only is this option more aesthetically pleasing, mitigate the sheets of ice that sometimes form on solid-surface driveways, and purify ground water. In a large-scale

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