March 2012

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So you've just bought your first house and you can't wait to get out in the yard and make it your own. If you were previously renting or living with your parents, it's pretty likely you don't have any garden tools to speak of and, if you do, they might not be ones you really need. Below you'll find a list of five essential tools, to help you keep within your modest budget as a new homeowner while still having what you need to keep your yard and garden looking as fresh as it did the day you bought your house.

  1. Lawnmower. This is pretty self explanatory. If you let your lawn become overgrown and ugly, your neighbours will rue the day the previous owners of your home moved. Whether your mower is a manual push mower or of the gas/electric variety, you'll
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Law, academia, government, and, yes, real estate are all areas that have their share of vague jargon. The real estate world, especially, can be a maze of confusing words, each one leading to a confusing definition replete with even more mumbo jumbo than those of us on the "inside" care to admit. Below you'll find definitions for some common, yet confusing, terms that will hopefully help you navigate your next real estate deal with ease.

  1. Easement. An easement is an agreement stating a certain right to access or use the property of another for a specific reason. There are many different kinds of easements, from public to private, and can be implied or express. Some problems can arise in situations where, for example, there are two lots sharing a
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