February 2012

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It has been in the news over and over: business is booming in Calgary. If the new building projects taking place in the downtown are any indication, that's no lie! Demand for Downtown living has risen exponentially recently, creating a huge need for new residential real estate. The Beltline is a prime candidate for building projects because of its nearness to Downtown, the Stampede grounds and 17th Avenue, its interesting historical buildings, great walkability/cycling facilitated by the Bow River Pathway system, and access to many other nearby recreational areas. Two exciting new developments in Mission and Victoria Park are making waves after so many Calgary real estate developments were put on pause during the recent slump. These are the Tribeca and

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During the winter, with an abundance of snow and ice sloshing around on the streets, and limited sunlight during the days, the last thing most people think about is fruit trees. But, for gardeners, winter is the best time to curl up with a few catalogs and let the imagination run wild. Spend some time learning about the different varieties and think about what your yard can offer a fruit tree. By the time May comes along, you'll know just what kind of tree you want and the best place to plant it in your yard.

Calgary Fruit TreesTrends seem to be swinging towards planting fruit trees in back yards. It seems that, like the 1960s and 1970s, more people want to get something in return for tedious, tiresome yardwork. Gone are the days where homeowners either wanted a low- to

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